trying to remember your kiss [music][F3]

I hide my fears
way down, way down
where you dry your tears
way down, way down

I can’t keep living like this
trying to remember your kiss
you made my silly little dreams
oh I don’t wanna fall asleep
We’re spinning out of control
my teeth are shaking in the cold
I can’t keep living like this
I know

We were born apart
too old, too old
& we were torn apart
you know, you know

that there are tangerine skies
awaiting our failing eyes
‘time leads to healing’ you said
time leads to dying leads to dead
I’m losing sight of what’s right
you’re awkward putting up a fight

this was the way it began
this will be the way it ends
way down, way down
way down, way down
way down, way down

Been listening to these LPs for weeks. Go buy them now…its “name your price” so you can’t complain.



You be the moon…

…I’ll be the earth.

My moon, oh my moon
Not even into
Another eternity
Will stop your lovely orbiting
I had held it a world away
Until my body began to say
I need not one thing more
Oh, wrap the ground around
Your gentle winding mind
Oh, guard the pounding sound
Breathe in your fiery air
Oh, wrap the ground around
Give back an hungrier stare
Oh, guard the pounding sound
You be the moon I’ll be the earth
And when we burst
Start over, oh darling
Begin again
Begin again
Begin again

New Purity Ring album is pretty kick-ass, y’all. I’m also a huge fan of the tracks “Heartsigh“, “Bodyache“, & “Flood on the Floor

One of the most ethereal and difficult-to-grasp art forms

[from episode 17 – ‘Valentine‘ ]

The City Council recently moved to name “dance” as the official town language.

This measure has been met with tense debate and raised voices over the past several weeks. Proponents say we need a unified language, as it will save money on municipal signage and documentation — not to mention bring us together as a community.

“The poetry of the human body,” they said, while quickly pulling in their elbows and turning their bowler hats down over their eyes in an obvious tribute to Bob Fosse, “mates physical being with mental necessity; a marriage that brings purpose to our quickly rotting living corpses.”

Opponents say that this move, if voted into law, is discriminatory against the physically handicapped. Also, less than 10% of Night Vale citizens have ever taken a single dance lesson — let alone achieved lifelong mastery of one of the most ethereal and difficult-to-grasp art forms.

One opponent, who asked to remain nameless out of fear of retribution, told us the bill was entirely funded by lobbyists from Cheryl’s Little Princesses Dance Studio.

“Just follow the money,” they said.

Then the anonymous insider’s pupils grew until they eclipsed the whites. Their tongue slid out from their knife gash of a grin, and their hair would not stop graying and growing.

A final vote is expected on Tuesday.


Pretty excited to realize that I still have 38 episodes left of Welcome to Night Vale.

Happy “xx day”

I think I’d have to say that my current ‘favorite band’ is The xx. I could listen to their music (& don’t auto-replace this next word with ‘figuratively’ because I really do mean it…) literally for hours on end. Unlike a lot of the music that creeps into our conciousness in this media-saturated world, I actually *do* remember the exact day I first heard their self-titled debut album, & it was 2 years ago on 4/26/2012.

On Vinyl even!

On Vinyl even!


I know personal preferences are always combined with so many other factors & circumstances that to try & truly understand them would be pointless, but I also realize that while we as individuals filter & experience this world around us in unique ways that make our customized, ‘personal’ reality just that — unique & personal, some Art seems to feel miraculously perfect to us, as if originating from within these walls we hide behind. Maybe that’s the meaning of love — to feel true sympathy & to be understood somehow.

Anyway, I love this music, for all the reasons.


Ten Books

Joining in on the annual list-making frenzy, with my “top 10 (most meaningful) books”, in a kinda-sorta-chronological order:

  • Something Wicked This Way Comes (Bradbury) ~ What Bradbury means for me: October. Halloween. Carnivals. Magic. Aging…  This story smells like dry leaves & used bookstores.
  • Dune (Herbert) ~ In a 3-way tie with STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND & FOUNDATION as the finest of all ‘science fiction’ for me.
  • Cat’s Cradle (Vonnegut) ~ SLAUGHTERHOUSE FIVE might be better, but this was the first Vonnegut I read. It skewed me, no doubt.
  • Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead (Stoppard) ~ Is there any other literary work that blends homage, cleverness, fun, & inspired genius better than this? No.  (Truthfully, I’ve recently come to love & appreciate ARCADIA far more.)
  • Tao of Physics (Capra) ~ Changed my life. For realz. The book on this list that had the most impact on me, by far. It altered the wiring of my brain. The ‘physics’ was out-dated even when I read it (1993), but its still a beautiful story.
  • Et Tu, Babe? (Leyner) ~ My sense of humor…a sheer delight on so many levels.
  • JR (Gaddis) ~ Mind blowing. Almost incomprehensible, but once you give up & allow it to swallow you whole…it’s a beautiful symphony on the page.
  • A People’s History of the United States (Zinn) ~ A hard slap to your pudgy, entitled face. I named my son after Howard Zinn, who’s such a goddamned American hero he should be on a postage stamp.
  • His Dark Materials (Pullman) ~ Cheating a bit by including a trilogy…but by the end I found this to be a haunting, emotional story. It resonated with me far more than Harry Potter, et al.
  • Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid On Earth (Ware) ~ A staggeringly detailed portrait of disconnection, human loneliness, & need.

If you haven’t read them, tsk tsk.

But the barriers of distance are crumbling

“Behind every man alive stand thirty ghosts, for that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living. Since the dawn of time, a hundred billion human beings have walked the planet Earth

Now this is an interesting number, for by a curious coincidence there are approximately a hundred billion stars in our local universe, the Milky Way. So for every man and woman who has ever lived, in this universe there shines a star.

But every one of those stars is a sun, often far more brilliant and glorious than the small, nearby star we call the Sun. And many-perhaps most-of those alien suns have planets circling them. So almost certainly there is enough land in the sky to give every member of the human species, back to the first apeman, his own private world-sized heaven-or hell.

How many of those potential heavens and hells are inhabited, and by what manner of creatures, we have no way of guessing; the very nearest of them is a million times further away than Mars or Venus, those still remote goals of the next generation. But the barriers of distance are crumbling – one day we shall meet our equals, or our masters, among the stars.

Men have been slow to face this prospect. Increasing numbers, however, are asking: “Why have such meetings not occurred already, since we ourselves are about to venture into space?”

From the original program handed out at the premiere of 2001: A Space Odyssey.