Long Into The Evening

This past weekend I was waiting in the car for my son, & it was late & dark & I picked the corner of the parking lot that was darkest. I sat in the car listening to music & began to leaf through a book of CDs that had gone unused for so long that they did indeed feel like relics. There was an un-labeled disc there among the Laurie Berkner (you know, for the kids!), the ‘July Jams’ mix, & the various Johnny Cash compilations.

So I slipped it into the player — then instantly felt a mixture of curiosity (I couldn’t remember the name of this band!) & nostalgia (I realized I had listened to this so many times — especially as I built a large set of bookcases for our house in Oregon — but that was about 10 years ago), & delight (this was still good).

Its a luxury to have time…. to (eventually) remember the songs & albums & bands, to sit quietly in the dark & think about all the things, & then enough still to move on…let it all be forgotten…& then bring it back again.


Became It All

Just one break in the year
When it’s all about the two of us
And nothing’s ever been so good
You remember a life that was all about the two of us
But you and I we never knew

It was the greatest place I’ve ever been
And it was right in front of me
You carried me back home again
While you became it all for me


“Sober” by Broods, from their very very very good Evergreen LP.