Long Into The Evening

This past weekend I was waiting in the car for my son, & it was late & dark & I picked the corner of the parking lot that was darkest. I sat in the car listening to music & began to leaf through a book of CDs that had gone unused for so long that they did indeed feel like relics. There was an un-labeled disc there among the Laurie Berkner (you know, for the kids!), the ‘July Jams’ mix, & the various Johnny Cash compilations.

So I slipped it into the player — then instantly felt a mixture of curiosity (I couldn’t remember the name of this band!) & nostalgia (I realized I had listened to this so many times — especially as I built a large set of bookcases for our house in Oregon — but that was about 10 years ago), & delight (this was still good).

Its a luxury to have time…. to (eventually) remember the songs & albums & bands, to sit quietly in the dark & think about all the things, & then enough still to move on…let it all be forgotten…& then bring it back again.


Offensive & Unconstitutional #DefyTrump

Glenn Greenwald: “Trump’s Muslim Ban is Culmination of War on Terror Mentality but Still Uniquely Shameful

“And the reason Trump is able so easily to tap into a groundswell of anti-Muslim fears and bigotry is because they have been cultivated for 16 years as the central fuel driving the War on Terror. There are factions on both the center-left and right that are primarily devoted to demonizing Muslims and Islam.”

Your daily dose of the obvious, yet regrettably-needing-to-be-pointed-out….


trying to remember your kiss [music][F3]

I hide my fears
way down, way down
where you dry your tears
way down, way down

I can’t keep living like this
trying to remember your kiss
you made my silly little dreams
oh I don’t wanna fall asleep
We’re spinning out of control
my teeth are shaking in the cold
I can’t keep living like this
I know

We were born apart
too old, too old
& we were torn apart
you know, you know

that there are tangerine skies
awaiting our failing eyes
‘time leads to healing’ you said
time leads to dying leads to dead
I’m losing sight of what’s right
you’re awkward putting up a fight

this was the way it began
this will be the way it ends
way down, way down
way down, way down
way down, way down

Been listening to these LPs for weeks. Go buy them now…its “name your price” so you can’t complain.



A mistaken understanding of time.

Tuesday, there’s a false start.

A mistaken understanding of time. Tuesday, we will wake, and walk to our normal places – our showers, kitchens, cars, desks – only to find the day never began. We will slowly notice an absence of all matter, all light, all time.

And then, as suddenly as we false-started, we will begin our actual day. And everything will happen the same. Only, because of our awareness of it all, it will happen differently. Less differently at first, but more differently later.

– Night Vale #36

These Ghosts…

When You Reach Me

“Sometimes you never feel meaner than the moment you stop being mean. It’s like how turning on a light makes you realize how dark the room had gotten. And the way you usually act, the things you would normally have done, are like these ghosts everyone can see but pretends not to.”


Rebecca Stead’s WHEN YOU REACH ME