Amanda, Matt, & MeredythOne of my most favorite-est persons in the whole world, Amanda, got married last Saturday. Despite being so near-and-dear, we (unfortunately) have a tendancy to go long periods without contact, and being a bookwormy fuddy-duddy myself, I always imagine she’s blazing a trail of excitement across the globe whilst I’m home with my kids, watching Maggie & the Ferocious Beast

In addition to being a top-notch Mardi Gras companion and having a reliably ace taste in movies, she could always be counted on to inspire my lazy ass to get out to Mid-City Lanes and catch the Iguanas or maybe even drive across state lines to catch a Soul Coughing show…

So, since she’s even worse at returning calls/emails/etc than even I am (yes, it’s possible) that means she fell in love, got engaged, and was within 10 days of getting hitched before I even found out. Sigh.

Through the magic of Google I can check up on her fella and read his blog. Seems like a nice enough guy.

Anyway, I couldn’t wish for more happiness for anyone. Good luck and best wishes…

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