Don’t Mess With My Popeye’s ht…

Don’t Mess With My Popeye’s From the WFMU blog: an ode to the joys of Popeye’s fried chicken. Oh my… #fb

4 thoughts on “Don’t Mess With My Popeye’s ht…”

  1. Just found this site, and love it! I’ve been an admirer of Maurice Noble’s work for a long time– prbaboly since childhood, without being conscious of it.I also love the Popeye BGs. I’m sure you’re looking forward to vol 2 as much as I am.I would love to see more Fleischers Superman BGs. The Bulleteers has a couple of stunning sequences that are mostly BGs, and the look of those shorts has become a model for a lot of the superhero stuff done recently.

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