Happy “xx day” [Update, 2018]

I think I’d have to say that my current ‘favorite band’ is The xx. I could listen to their music (& don’t auto-replace this next word with ‘figuratively’ because I really do mean it…) literally for hours on end. Unlike a lot of the music that creeps into our conciousness in this media-saturated world, I actually *do* remember the exact day I first heard their self-titled debut album, & it was 2 years ago on 4/26/2012.

On Vinyl even!
On Vinyl even!


I know personal preferences are always combined with so many other factors & circumstances that to try & truly understand them would be pointless, but I also realize that while we as individuals filter & experience this world around us in unique ways that make our customized, ‘personal’ reality just that — unique & personal, some Art seems to feel miraculously perfect to us, as if originating from within these walls we hide behind. Maybe that’s the meaning of love — to feel true sympathy & to be understood somehow.

Anyway, I love this music, for all the reasons.

[UPDATE, 2018 Edition]

What a weird alchemy that this band makes inside my head. I still haven’t worn out their sound…& in fact according to my ‘scrobbles’ from the last year they’re still atop my chart. It also helps that their live shows were among the best I’ve seen over the past few years…

The xx live in SF in April’17

The last album, I SEE YOU, was full of more great songs, but if pressed I’ll choose “I Dare You” & “On Hold” as my current faves.

…more later…