One thought on “Hidden Cost Of War”

  1. To the first anonymous redaer,Do have brain left in your skull?? If yes, please start working with it and start thinking…….CY has committed a crime, he misled the whole population of HK, the governement, fooled all of us…And the senior civil servants have worked together to cover up the truth in order to exempt him from criminal prosecution or being blamed for dishonesty. This helped him win the chief Executive election early this year. Look, the whole governement biased against his former opponent of the Chief Executive election, Mr Tong Ying Ning, Henry, who was being blamed for unauthorized building inside his house.Please remember by your brain that CY denied, during the election campaign, he had unauthorized buildings/ constructions inside his house . This signifies that the standard of justice is decaying and corruption by a whole group of people masterminded by CY Leung. I remember the last Governer of HK under the rule of Britan, Mr Chris Patten,who warned that HK would be eventually killed by some local people instead of Beijing directly. See, the first anonymous redaer, if you have brain and hopely have eyes, please take a look at all of these deliberate attacks to system of Law and Administration of HKG. It is so scary and frightening!! I am so shock that you cannot see, instead you view it as a personal attack by the rich in HK or political rivals. HK is dying, people of HK are being killed. Sigh……

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