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  1. Thank you. More than 10 years ago, you provided my (now) wife and I with many lgahus and lots of motivation. We are no longer active in the business yet are still personal-use consumers. We drove to Des Moines IA once to see you when you were under the weather at an open. One of the best meetings we ever attended for sure, and despite you being under the weather, you still took time out to meet and greet those attending.One of my favorite lines to repeat is from your Emerald tape involving the police officer and you off the side of the road Have you been drinking? Drinking? I’m in Amway! .We hit our 1000 pin shortly after that Open, and rested on our laurels .One of the biggest things that we still talk about to this day is that despite us not continuing by growing the buisness, the intangible things we learned have allowed us to weather many storms as a couple. Watching multiple friends of ours get divorced in the past couple of years really opened our eyes to everything that WWDB gave us.Sure, we didn’t get rich in a monetary sense, but I love my wife more and more everyday and we are so thankful that we were afforded the opportunity to use the tools and to see positive relationships blossom.I don’t believe our sponsers are in the business anymore and another couple a step or two above them is also inactive. We’re downline from Jim & Julie Harstad through Tom & Val Gonser into Rochester, MN with Tom & Peggy Besch and Steve & Jane Wiertsema.Anyways, it’s been many many years since we went inactive, but we still hold a very special place in our hearts for many people in WWDB. On a lark, I looked you up and just wanted to send a message to say that you made an impact in our lives and we’re glad to have had the opportunity to meet you.We’ll celebrate our 12 year wedding anniversary and our 17th year together as a couple, due in part to people like you who taught us that it’s better to give than to get.For that, and on behalf of my wife, we thank you.Sincerely,Geoff & Michele Hanson

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