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Off and Running

Well, for over a week now I’ve been loading up stuff over on Ebay in my project to sell everything. One plus in the plan for ridding myself of these things I own was to also make a little extra cash along the way ( I even followed Trent’s advice at The Simple Dollar and opened an online savings account), but so far it’s been a break-even proposition. I’ve had to buy packing materials (envelopes, boxes, tape) and there’s postage to ship, and of course my time in writing the listings and then trudging everything to the post office.

(BTW, here’s a link to my page on Ebay as well as a nifty RSS feed of current auctions )

Anyway, I started small, but I’m working on a schedule for listing items.

  • CDs and music
  • Books
  • Comic books (I was very into Batman during the late 80s, and have a big collection of THE SHADOW comics, which I might have some problem letting go of. We’ll see how that goes)
  • sports cards (primarily football with some baseball, from mid-80’s to early 90’s)
  • computer parts and electronics.
  • tools and random "hobby" items
  • Art. I’ve always been drawing and painting in my spare time, which has been shrinking as the kids have grown older, but I have several sketch books, paintings in progress, and small drawings that I have focused on lately – in addition to a stockpile of older finished works.

The original purpose for this site was to showcase a store for me to sell paintings and other art. I had imagined a dry, professional site with pictures and some contact info. Very cool, standoffish kind of thing. But I would like a forum to point out issues that matter to me ( net neutrality, copyright and DRM, and technology’s place in our life), as well as art and design.

Anyway, it’s back to the garage for me. I have some boxes to unpack.

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