If your life had a face…

So, I’ve had a pretty great week as far as wasting-time-with-media-consumables goes. I had used my birthday gift cards to pre-order some items, and November has been my lucky month. Rock Band 3, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and a few books (finally splurged on that Marilyn Minter book after scoping it out at Powells), but best of all has been the extra-fancy Blu-Ray edition of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, which we watched last week over some delicious chinese take-out. And I’m STILL wading through all of the extra bonus features and goodies that were included. Awesome indeed.

My feelings on the movie are best echoed by this orgasmic review of the said-fancy disc by Adam Tyner of DVDTalk:

“So, somewhere in the middle of Scott Pilgrim’s second date with the very literal girl-of-his-dreams, one of her ex-boyfriends suddenly crashes through the ceiling. Within a minute or two, this guy breaks out into a Bollywood dance number, continues his shoulder-jiggling dance routine mid-air, spawns a gaggle of winged, fanged demon-hipster-chicks, and flings a barrage of fireballs Scott’s way. ‘Course, everyone knows that Scott Pilgrim is the best fighter in the province, so he air-juggles Ramona’s ex Street Fighter-style until he bursts into a couple bucks in coins. Scott isn’t concerned so much about the fact that a levitating, demon-summoning, pyrokinetic Indian kid had tried to kill him before exploding into pocket change; no, he’s just miffed that the guy didn’t leave enough for bus fare back home…(fast forward)…In other words, it’s pretty much the best thing ever.”