Don’t Call It A Comeback

I was always miffed at what seemed like NFL announcer’s tendency to hype the ‘comeback’ stats for NFL quarterbacks. Being a lifelong Dolphins fan, it seemed like Dan Marino was the best, but John Elway always got the hype. Now it’s Old Man Farve that’s getting the boost on this apocryphal stat…and thankfully Scott Kacsmar of Pro-Football-Reference.comis there to set the record straight and researched up the real numbers on Favre (& the myth of Elway):

… He would have 31 in his career; enough to tie him with Joe Montana, but still trailing Elway (34), Johnny Unitas (34), Peyton Manning (35) and Dan Marino (36). As it stands, the Arizona win was Favre’s 30th comeback victory.

And here, for example, is a bit of Marino greatness. The infamous ‘fake spike’ that sent the Jet’s organization into a funk and Pete Carroll running back to college.