The Oldest Item On My “Wish List”

Well, from, that is…

I was playing around with the new Universal Wish List button that Amazon has added to their site (brilliant idea, natch) and pruning items from my Wish List that I had or no longer wanted, when I realized that I had some items listed there that were older than my kids. Some of these wishes were obviously from a time when I had (much) more free time to laze about reading Wittgenstein 😉

So, here is the Oldest Item On My Wishlist, added on Nov, 4 1999 :

I’ve always been fascinated by quantum physics and found Bohm to be especially enlightening and enjoyable to read. I found my way to him through his dialogues with Krishnamurti, who I respect greatly. It is one of my many disappointments that for several years I lived mere hours from the Krishnamurti retreat in Ojai, yet never visited. Perhaps another day…

Here’s a clip of the K man:

Krishnamurti on Channel 4 TV (1) – 1984

EDIT: Here’s the link to part 2 of the interview