At Disneyland yesterday…I wa…

At Disneyland yesterday…I was alarmed by the number of people texting (or tweeting, I guess) during the actual rides. Sigh.

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  1. Hey Max, I would have been interested to know more on your ihtsgnis into South Africa’s standing in world of economic scandal, rigged markets and fraud. As a way of introduction to this region The South African government introduced in 2007 the National Credit Act, which according to local experts protected the South African economy, the poor and the banks from the global economic crisis. Although it is widely known that South African industry since the crisis has lost a million or more jobs, many in the mining industry. This government came to power on the promise to uplift the lives of the poor. As you know this is a resources rich country with large global mining houses active for decades and a major contributor to the economy. With the manipulation of gold and silver markets, how would this impact on jobs and 1c76the economy in SA? I was interested in your reference to Goldman Sachs involvement in most Central Banks. It was recently revealed in the local SA press that most if not all of the South African Reserve Bank Governors were overseas training at Goldman Sachs. I watched with interest that the first thing the new ANC president did was visit America. Recently, The World Bank, Business Unity South Africa and the African National Congress (ANC) got their way with a major loan for Eskom, the national power authority, despite broad based opposition from local people, the poor, community organisations, the churches, unions, and environmental and social justice NGOs locally and globally. Why was business in bed with the ANC on this? It is because the likes of mining company BHP Billiton receive more then five per cent of South Africae28099s electricity at below cost through apartheid-era special pricing agreements.Max some food for thought as you get up to speed on Southern African economic affairs.

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