He called it…

More NFL. Sadly, my beloved Dolphins lost a heartbreaker to the Texans on Sunday. Luckily, I knew one highlight that was coming in advance:

Here’s SI’s Peter King from last week’s column:

With the Wildcat in Miami, necessity was the mother of invention.
The Dolphins had practiced the play but hadn’t used it in the first two
debacles of the season. Flying home from Arizona following a 31-10
loss, Sparano called quarterbacks coach David Lee to the front of the plane to talk. Seems Lee had used the formation last year as the play-caller at Arkansas, with Darren McFadden taking direct snaps in the backfield and Felix Jones
on the field. “For us,” Sparano said, “it was all about getting two of
our best players on the field, Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. This
was a way to do it. After the Arizona game, I was looking for answers
offensively, and we decided to give this a try.”

The best
thing for Miami is how adept Brown is at taking snaps and using
play-fakes and even throwing the ball. What could be next? My guess is
something involving a lateral throwback to Chad Pennington on the right flank, followed by a Pennington pass.
As Sparano said, stay tuned.

Well, then…let’s see what happened