In the Deepest Jungle

Built an opera house for you in the deepest jungle
& I walked across its stage singing with my eyes closed

I’ve got a love for you I just can’t escape
All of my love for you cuts me like barbed wire

I was meant to love you & always keep you in my life
I was meant to love you, I knew I loved you at first sight

– “Opera House

Shortest time between hearing a new band for the first time & then getting a vinyl copy of the LP? Maybe this is it.

Its like a wonderful mix of my wistful, yearning, younger self’s heavy rotation of Cowboy Junkies, Galaxie 500, & Mazzy Star, with a little bit of a slowed-down Pixies vibe.  Plus I’m a sucker for lyrical, pining songs of lost love.

Even though the entire Cigarettes After Sex (yea., don’t love that name…) collection of songs sound pretty much the same, each song is a little gem, like facets of larger whole…  Been on heavy rotation for a month & I haven’t tired of it yet.