More PORTAL [Warning: *Spoilers*, Tom Cruise]

Well, not a SPOILER in the conventional sense…. I finally got to finish PORTAL (between the kids and the frequent crashing/freezing of my machine it took a while ;)….thumbs up, btw. But the highlight for me had to be the little song at the end. Just as I was marvelling at how cute & clever it was I noticed Jonathan Coulton‘s name scroll by. Figures.

Anyway, if you haven’t heard of Coulton (of "Code Monkey" fame) — he’s written scores of cute and clever songs, but perhaps the most apropos might now might be "Tom Cruise Crazy", for obvious reasons. For me, "You Ruined Everything" is one of my all-time favorite songs, and in particular the acoustic version he played whilst on NPR a while back. Anyway, here’s the closing credits song for PORTAL. It gives away some plot details, but you might not understand out of context….if you have any inkling of playing the game, do so and wait to hear it then.

Otherwise enjoy: