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  1. Hi Amy,First, congratulations on gnetitg into university! That’s an exciting step to take. I can absolutely sympathize with feeling overwhelmed by big changes and lots of work. Here’s what helps me:1. Keep a planner. I note what chores I have to do, what class assignments are due, what I’m making for dinner anything that’s going on. This frees me up because I don’t need to rely on my memory to stay on track.2. Break things down into little parts. Writing a 15-page paper is hard. Writing a 1-page introduction is easy. So is writing a 2-page first argument. Reading a big book in a week is hard. Reading a chapter during lunch break is easy. Taking big things one piece at a time helps you keep from feeling overwhelmed.3. If you’re really blocked, switch to something else. If you’re stuck with writer’s block, try going over a reading assignment. You’re still gnetitg things done, and you give your brain time to process and get ready for the next writing stretch. If you’re stuck on everything, go for a 10-minute walk and try again.In the end, the important thing is that you are learning about something important to you. Staying focused on why your studies matter to you is more important than how much work you do on a given day. Congrats again on starting podiatry studies, and good luck in your program! And please stop by again! I sometimes write about ways that I stay focused, and I’d love to hear how your program goes.Best,Jessica

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