Sigh. Another List of Movies

Age Of Innocence
Age Of Innocence

Here’s “The 20 Most Boring Films of All Time“, according to Pajiba commenters.

I genuinely like at least 7 of the 20 films. And whenever a fancy new video format (widescreen, dvd, blu-ray) appears I always make sure my first purchases are for films with real beauty. Usually #1 on my list (and sadly also on this one…): 2001: A Space Odyssey

Luckily, some reason appeared if you made it far enough down the comments to the response of “Yossarian”:

What is really notable about this list is it is sort of a backlash against more complex films that got some media attention and, as a result, were exposed to a lot of people who didn’t really appreciate them.

When you say a film was boring what you really mean is that it doesn’t engage your attention. Instead of taking this failure to appeal to you as a flaw in the movie you should know that it’s probably just you. Of course there are bad movies out there, but they don’t usually get Oscar nominations.

I thank you, anonymous internet commenter…