Songs of The xx, ranked.

My Top 20 XX songs (from great to awesome):

20 Try Coexist
19 A Violent Noise I See You
18 Islands XX
17 Tides Coexist
16 Angels Coexist
14 Dangerous I See You
13 Shelter XX
12 Swept Away Coexist
11 Heart Skipped A Beat XX
10 Sunset Coexist
9 I Miss You (Beyonce cover) Covers
8 On Hold I See You
7 I Dare You I See You
6 Fiction Coexist
5 Our Song Coexist
4 Night Time XX
3 Unfold Coexist
2 Stars XX
1 Intro XX

Its maybe unfair to include “Intro”, since its an undeniably hooky & badass instrumental piece, shorter than any other on the list. But #1 it is.

And obvs this is an “at this moment” kind of list. The top 5 are pretty static, but the rest shift around based on mood. As for “Stars”… I’ve yet to be near a sound system that can make it ‘too loud’ for me. #TurnItUp

The xx, live in San Francisco. April 2017 (Matt waving from the front row…)