So…there were two great acquisitions last Friday that I forgot to talk up.

One was the a print from Audrey Kawasaki that I had purchased in February (picture in an upcoming post) that finally arrived, and it is beautiful.

But, what’s been burning up my CD /mp3 players this week is the latest album from Galactic, Ya-Ka-May. I’ve got a nostalgic bent for the band from my days at Tulane, when we’d book them for shows here & there (I’m going way back there, btw).

Anywho, Ya-Ka-May kicks some serious ass. My favorite track so far is “Heart Of Steel” a collaboration with the incomparable Irma Thomas, which has commandeered the ‘repeat’ button on my radio for days.  There’s a Trombone Shorty track that’s almost as awesome, so I’d say the whole album is worth your time.

6 thoughts on “Ya-Ka-May”

  1. Kris, I went back and added the red embossed hetars to my album and love, love the pop of color it gives. The stamping and embossing was something new and stretched me a little.:-) So glad I put my photos in as I went along–helped me to know more exactly where to place my embellishments. You do an amazing job of explaining all the different elements. Look forward to each new album and KNOW I will learn something new each time. I hope this is still fun for you too. Thank you for this wonderful class and for all your hard work. You are appreciated!!

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